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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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important as i was at the hearing at city hall last week, and someone said that larry ellison had secured the world cup. i do not think that has been verified. he did win it and has that discretion to bring it here, but should that come here, i think that has a larger sort of thing to think about when considering all these factors, and then, finally, i just hope you make the best decision. so, good luck. commissioner fong: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have been a resident at the golden gate way for over 30 years. i am here to comment on three documents that have been given
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to you. i'm not sure everybody in the room has seen them yet. they are the brand hawley lot letter, dated september 27. the sue c. hester letter, dated september 27. and the neighbors to preserve the waterfront at present golden gateway letter of today. i read these documents, and i assume you have as well. >> have not received them. >> ok, well, i really hope you read them. these documents are very comprehensive, and the statements in there are extremely compelling. based on the information presented, i do not believe any reasonable person can endorse the eight washington project today without having thoroughly reviewed these projects. to do so would be a disservice
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to those of us who live in the neighborhood and to the city of san francisco. thank you. commissioner fong: thank you. >> hello and thank you. my company offers design, research, sales, and marketing support to research developers. i am here to address the fact that there is a misconception that there is a housing surplus in san francisco when in reality, there is actually going to be a shortage. in about 2007, we've peaked with about 3000 condominiums, and from that time, we have about 800 right now that are not sold for in contract, and on average in the past few years, we have had about 1000 homes, new
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condominiums and absorber in san francisco each year, so knowing those facts, and also knowing the fact that there is no new major residential project on the books right now that is in construction, that leads us to say that there is going to be a housing shortage. the development of eight washington will bring in new housing to the embarcadero as well as liven up the area. i definitely am in support of the project, and i think the washington project will help the housing shortage. thank you. commissioner fong: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. as i have said before, i would like you to consider this project as a success for san francisco and approve the plan presented to you tonight. as you know, this is one of the
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foremost architectural firms in the world, and hopefully, they will repay me the favor they owe me in about 25 years of hiring to do engineering work. [laughter] there was a project that even at the time, they had their own engineering department, one of the senior partners came to me and said he had a special project for me, and he knew i was qualified because i have done a lot of movie theaters. so they hired me, and i was puzzled why they did not hire their own mechanical electrical engineers. i walked down to the theater on taylor street, and it was one of the porno houses. [laughter] so i am going to call on crag and collect the favor. thank you very much. commissioner fong: thank you.
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>> in an active an enthusiastic member of the golden gate way. i have a very serious spinal condition, and i just had two major spinal condition -- i just had two major spinal surgeries. it requires me to swim to minimize my pain and to function on a daily basis. it would be a great personal challenge for me to do without this club during construction of the proposed project. however, this opportunity is so unique and so great, a truebvw gift, that i felt compelled to speak on behalf of the project. i have been working in the architectural profession for the past 21 years. i have a master's degree in architecture from harvard and a
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bachelor's from columbia. i have a small practice a few blocks from here. i have lived in san francisco for 25 years. i live on low or russian hill then, and i still do now. i often used to envision what the city will look like without the embarcadero freeway. it seemed only to be a fantasy. to see the recent transition of how the cd is gaining its waterfront back has been a rare fantasy, really, come true, and i see the potential on a number of levels. the project as open space significantly. the area needs to be activated by program people, activities, pedestrians, restaurants, all things that the former waterfront did not have but now does in other locations. i believe that the streets need to continue through to get a
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visual, psychological connection between the water and water front and to the neighborhoods beyond. there is a great need for parking. i tried to take my elderly great aunt and uncle to the ferry building, and it was such an ordeal that we had to abandon the trip altogether. i think that the current proposed height is appropriate for the location and for the scale of the city, for the width of the street, and for the proportions of what has been proposed. part of the critical of thesom -- part of the critical talent that som brings is their ability to create buildings of scale. one of the many things that is excited about the proposed
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project is that it skillfully integrates all of these scales, creating an urban gesture -- i am almost done. can i finish my sentence? creating an urban gesture that is fitting and appropriate for the city, a pleasant and exciting individual experience, and the critical in-between communal scale, and i think san francisco will enjoy the project on all those levels for generations. i feel great we have arguably the best architect in the nation. this opportunity is so rare and exciting that i think it would be tragic if it is lost. commissioner fong: thank you very much. >> good afternoon.
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i am an electrician. i live in the city. i am a business representative for the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 6. we represent about 2600 electricians in the city. the majority of our members live and work in the city, and unfortunately, we have right now over 30% unemployment, and we do not see any other major development coming in the city, and this long waiting project can benefit not only our members, but residents in the city. i urge you to approve this project. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am executive director of the bay planning coalition.
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the non-profit partnership-based organization. a good portion of our activities is supporting projects and programs that keep our ports and waterfront industry socially vibrant, environmentally healthy, and financially strong. we have been involved over the past several years working on a waterfront land and more recently, the northeast studies. spent many long nights reviewing the guidelines -- i am also a resident here for 45 years, so i take a great deal of interest personally as well on what is happening in our city and waterfront. i just want to say that your positive action today will build on the momentum that we have going for the waterfront and 44's financial strength --
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financialfor the p -- and for the port's financial strength. this is really an exciting milestone and proposes to create such a wonderful vision going forward in the future, so i encourage you to keep this moving forward. thank you. commissioner fong: thank you. >> commissionaires and my friend, monique, and the president of the golden gate tennis sociology tenants' association, which is the representatives of the people who are tenants of the largest planned rent control little in common rental facility in san francisco.
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i want to assure you that we do not ostracize those who disagree with us, and we do not go overboard, either. i would like to take one issue for your consideration. first of all, all that is before you is a term sheet, so let's talk about it. let's also recognize that we are dealing with a public trust, and the state law does not allow the building and construction of housing on public trust property. what we have here is a parking development. i would like you to analyze it from three points of view -- first of all, the notion of building a three-level underground, possibly under water parking garage for 420 spaces -- i think you should ask a developer to present you with a pro forma for how much that
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would cost. without that information, is bogus to pass that on to the board. in my other life, if you want to know who i am, you can ask your executive director. i know something about parking, something about government, something about developments. what they propose is to build 420 parking spaces. admittedly, parking would be a legitimate concern to the port. of those 420 spaces, 165 are for the condominiums. cannot sell the condos without parking. in addition to that, you have parking spaces for the restaurants that will be built. you have parking spaces for the retail that will be built, and you have parking spaces for the health club and tennis facility that will be built. even the developer admits that what you are really looking at is 90 parking spaces for the
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ferry building. 90 parking spaces for the ferry building. you could have those 90 spaces today or tomorrow by doing a number of things -- one, by restriking sea wall what 51, two, by stacking parking, free, by using pier 3 storage space, which is largely unused, and for your, by using -- and we can hope that they placed the motor pool before the employees, and finally, by using a marketer of for your. also, and i want to finish this point because it is important economically. in on parking, it makes reference to private developing, but it also has a reference to
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possibly public development. you should not approve the term sheet with both of those provisions. it is either private, in which case you should demand pro formas, or is public, in which case you should consult with investment bankers to find out if it is possible. >> good afternoon, everybody. i am an activist in the area. just recently, finished "peter pan." it is lively here. i do not know who people are to say it is not lively. this study, this term sheet is very seriously flawed. i represent the thousands, the majority of the people who live in the golden gate way who are against this. you have had many community
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meetings. you have heard us all. 99% of us are against it, and you are still shoving it down our throats. that is wrong. i have been influential with the development of the port. i advised willie brown to create redevelopment of the port because that is where the money is, and you know that. so i think i know a little bit about real estate, having had that career all my life. the two things that are the worst features of this proposal is the condominiums. there is no need, only greed involved in this condominium. what we do need is affordable housing. everybody knows that. we have an oversupply of condos. i do not care what all those figures are. the underground garage is ridiculous because i defeated the underground garage underneath lot two ferry part because it was not feasible.
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there is water underneath there. all the developments have to be pumped out. they have to have pumps for the water because there's so much seepage, and it is unbelievably expensive to build. there is no need to cut three jackson. we already have washington and the other one, broadway. the worst hypocrisy is that the study says connect the bay to the water -- i'm sorry, connect the land to the water. this is the worst, despicable display of dishonesty that i have ever seen here. how can you sit here and say that you want to connect the day, and you want to build an 84-foot tower? it is disgraceful. this is the worst real estate deal i have ever come across, and i come from new york with the biggest developers. i'm sorry, the architect is a well-known architect, but this is the worst, and we cannot
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allow this to go through. please, do not okay this. do not contradict what the neighbors wanted. you are dealing against their wishes. there's no set back. golden gateway was planned with a setback. embarcadero, you want to put it right on top of the sidewalk. ridiculous. the whole thing is so flawed that it has no merit whatsoever. district 3 is the most underserved district for open space. that does your queue. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. for the last several years, we have also been participating in the community planning process and repeatedly provided our input that we are supportive of the eight washington street project because it is a linchpin for the expansion
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project of the downtown ferry terminal for adding additional box. those public parking spaces are needed as replacement parking before additional box can be built next to the ferry building. that project is funded. it is undergoing the planning process right now, but it will hit a wall if we do not continue to move this project along. this project is very important for the financial viability of the port. this is something that the maritime unions are very strong advocates for. the port has a lot of obligations to maintain the infrastructure, not only from maritime industries, but also certainly from the beautiful recreational areas it has built in the last several years. it is amazing to see the revenue projections that will be derived from this project. i have been on this waterfront
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for 22 years, even prior to the earthquake, and i can tell you -- these opportunities do not come around all the time. project in terms of public benefit. we thank you encourage you to approve the financial terms and move this forward. commissioner fong: thank you. vg>> good afternoon, commissioners. good to see you here. it is really rare that a project actually gets completed on the waterfront. most of them get killed before they can actually be finished. this is one of the best projects that is going to come along. its urban design impact on the public realm are going to be a huge improvement.
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it is going to be really good for the embarcadero, but the matter very advantageous, the term sheet. at this point, the courts that have looked at enough of these deals that you have a great staff that is really competent. i wouldz&÷ urge that you move forward with the term sheet supporting the outlines of an agreement that works for the developer, works for your staff. i understand if your view is blocked, you would be unhappy, but this project on the whole for the public is highly beneficial. i would nowú÷ like to introduce [inaudible] [laughter] i'm here representing myself. i have?'%p"dressed you about why you should prioritize taking all the necessary steps to authorize construction of this project.
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the site is very underutilized. it@q is an urban design disastr in its present form. the planning department has conducted an exemplary public planning process that concluded that a design such as )x is the appropriate development of the site. the good design has only gotten better.2 there is a tremendous long-term shortage of housing in san clfrancisco, and the port is in serious needs of the revenue this project will generate, but i will not$ again today. what i would like to do instead is to address the people in this room who are afraid they are going to lose their health costs. you are> yes, there will be downtime during construction, but that i. during that time, i invite you to walk just embarcadero why mca, where i am a member. thecv extra walk will be good exercise. membership is much cheaper, and as a
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you, you can shoot a cannon through that pool andiqv not hit anyone. it is a great club. i know that the common fear is that existing club/ not be welcomed at the÷cz rebuit club. i have no connection with the club, but i can say with complete confidencee@ñ that thas not true. you only have to look at every other health club in the city that is housed in the condominium project. there is no way that the condominium will in any way fill up cl the club owners and managers will be aggressively trying to keep their existing what i'm suggesting is relaxed. byou are not going to lose your club. you will have a new, better club to come. i ask you, commissioners, to rtñproceed with this project as your staff has recommended, and endorsed the term sheet. fkthank you.
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2?zçv>> goodúgz afternoon, commissioners. i'm from the san francisco housing action coalition, and it francisco become a pro-housing city. what we see here is that thñ% is fundamentally a land use question. what is the best use to san ¢jz of seawall lot 51? to date, we are not aware of any other proposed)x alternativs for this land. windy rfp xbwent out a couple of went out a couple of years ago, there were two respondents,f- and one
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promptly withdrew. we think that it would be good to put this land usefç question into perspective. when the golden gateway was built in÷r the early 1960's, ths land was already in intensive use, denselí occupied, and we should be clear that residents and businesses were displaced order to accommodate the construction of the golden gateway, which conversation in san francisco about the best use of this land. does anyoneu9z think that this d was sand dunes before the golden gate was built? v washington project displaces no one. what it offers instead%b is opening of jackson street, much more public open space,íd and unfortunately, something that has not been mentioned is construction of subsidizedbv bw market rate housing for families that would not otherwise be able to stay in saù francisco, so what we are left with is a conversation that is going to
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need tor crazy town, and that is -- should the city support%m a mid use development at this location or preserve a surface parking lot? ut another way, does san francisco more highly>g valued 3 below market rate subsidize affordable housing units for five6l private tennis courts? we have not heard this conversation take place yet. we jñ remember that sea wall walk 351 belongs to all the people of san-p francisco and nt to one neighborhood. it is fair to ask as a sálz franciscan that the ultimate use of this valuable land be the highest used to the most number fran a choosing to protect a surface parking lotv who, very ironically, cannot accept any change on the s francisco waterfront compared with the benefits offered by seen
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would be a catastrophic civic choice. thank you. th. good afternoon, commissioners. hgcarpenter's unit local 22. i stand before you as a person who was born here i have worked all my life as a nd i represent roughly the members of the carpenters' union local 22. i will not even tryz7 to reitere any of the things that have been spoken. .,we, the carpenters who have built the places where we live, [wwork, and play here in sentences, have indoor long and ñdeep unemployment. we care about what we build here. we are trained and professionals. we think this project is deserving of construction, so we ask the term sheet before you today, and also that you please take
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every step possible to move this project along to construction so we can go to work. thankq commissioner fong: thank you. >> goodp) afternoon, board members and director. my name is fred allen viceu6 -- allerdyce. láqáq'ting a group known as open space for our waterfront. too the 1960's when san francisco redevelopment took responsibility for north of broadway, will close at all, took away property rights, reduced the area original history as a founding part of san francisco, a )(q@f neighborhood, and rebuild it with the celebrated golden gateway3z center, the embarcadeo center, and golden gate way commons. itzat is a neighborhood the celebrates a pedestrian benefit. when the plan was approved, andi
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has won many national and international awards -- when it was approved, davis street, the close of front street, the close of pacific $ avef jackson. today, that is celebrated. you 2x walk -- ride a bike through the city of will in part. you cannot always be through åt all these things make it a neighborhood that is celebrated because of its closeness and#v t being torn apart. the neighborhood hasccñ 1200 rel apartments and over 200 condominiums with over 2500 full-time? and vote and pay taxes here, and they are about to lose, if thk


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